Engineered for the Tactical Spotter.

True to its legendary name and reputation, the MONARCH Fieldscope with tactical reticle eyepiece pushes long-range spotting capability to an entirely new level for long-range shooters. Delivering a full complement of Nikon optical technologies engineered for an incredibly bright, clear, high resolution view across the entire viewing field, the flagship MONARCH Fieldscope makes long days of viewing both satisfying and strain-free. With tough, lightweight aluminum alloy construction, the MONARCH Fieldscope assures its owner of a lifetime of high performance optical capability, mechanical precision and all-out ruggedness.
FS-MRAD or FS-MOA Reticle

FS-MRAD or FS-MOA Reticle

The MEP-30 reticle eyepieces allow a spotter to locate and focus on the same target in the reticle as the shooter and then communicate reference points and follow-up shot corrections. Integral FS-MRAD or FS-MOA reticle includes milling scale for highly detailed measurements of targets. Can be fitted to straight or angled body 82mm or 60mm MONARCH Fieldscopes.

A Crystal-clear Field of View Attributable to Nikon Sophisticated Optical Technology

True to its legendary name and reputation, the MONARCH Fieldscope brings the excitement of awe-inspiring observation and incredible visual experiences to the eye of its beholder. MONARCH’S Advanced apochromat system of ED glass and proprietary lens and prism coatings deliver true color fidelity with high resolution integrity.

Multilayer Coating for Natural Color Fidelity

Multilayer coating is applied to all lens and prism surfaces, allowing powerful light transmission. The resulting bright field of view delivers true-to-life natural colors. Coating also greatly reduces the flare and ghosting that can occur in backlit situations.
Total Reflection Prism

Total Reflection Prism for an Incredibly Bright, Clear View

The straight body MONARCH Fieldscope models utilize a Porro prism design, while the angled-type models employ Nikon’s original total reflection prism.
Optimized Focusing System

Optimized Focusing System for Fast Focusing

The focus ring of MONARCH Fieldscopes provides different focusing speeds for optimal operation: fine focus adjustment for distant subjects and coarser adjustment for nearby subjects. Effortless, smooth focusing enables you to confidently acquire your target faster and in sharper focus.
Focusing Movements
MONARCH Fieldscope MEP Reticle Eyepieces

MONARCH Fieldscope MEP Reticle Eyepieces Deliver High Optical Performance

Nikon has developed these eyepieces exclusively for MONARCH Fieldscopes. Each employs a proprietary optical system, and a Field Flattener Lens System that delivers consistent sharpness and clarity across the entire field of view. When attached to a Fieldscope, each of the three MEP eyepieces are waterproof*, ensuring safe use even during unexpected weather changes. *1 Waterproof: As tested by water equivalent to 5 mm per minute, for a duration of 30 minutes. (NOT designed for underwater usage)
Body Design

Body Design for Comfortable Observation

The MONARCH Fieldscope body, constructed of robust aluminum alloy, provides durability, reliability and ease of operation. Other ergonomic features such as the specific knurling pattern on the focusing ring enhances its operability. The Type 1 Bayonet Mount with locking system makes eyepiece attachment/detachment easy and secure.

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